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Last week I did panchakarma, a week of Ayurvedic cleansing and seclusion. During this sacred time I received the following dream.


I am by the side door of the ashram talking to a man when I realize I am completely naked. Although neither of us is embarrassed it seems odd so I go to my room and dress. Two men appear at the door of my room. One of them wears a red t-shirt and is naked from the waist down. I shout at him to go away. Then I look at the dresser in the room and see that there is  a large parcel there from my sister. At once I realize the men were angels, because the parcel appeared mysteriously. Now I dream that I wake up. I am playing the radio loudly in the early morning and it wakes Sadananda up. I realize that I turned it on in my sleep. I look at the dresser, the parcel isn't there and I realize I dreamed the angels. Sadananda comes in from outside with five stray children he found outside. One is a boy and the rest are girls and they are half Indian with dark complexions. They are hungry so we go to Matam Fez to eat. Sadananda drives us all there. I am in the restaurant but to find Sadananda and the children I have to climb some rickety stairs and haul myself on to a loft with no hand rail. I am scared of heights and get stuck. A man on the stairway behind me says "What's the problem?" and then he agrees it’s a dangerous climb. I make it to the table with Sadananda and the sleeping children. Sadananda orders granola with yoghurtfor all of us; it is full of bright green chopped chilies and I can't eat it because I am on my panchakarma.  So we leave Matam Fez and go to Himalayas. As I enter the restaurant an old lady holds out her hand, wanting me to help her to her seat, so I help her but this annoys the hostess. We go to our table and two men in flowered shirts come and scold me for helping the old lady. I think this is pretty silly. I can't eat the food there either. We go home but now it is more like my parents house with an upper storey. The children's mother is sitting on the sidewalk. She tells Sadananda that the children are fine on their own and 'need their freedom'; she is a neglectful mother to the extreme and we are still taking care of the children.  I wake up.
As I awoke I realized that the two restaurants represented Sufism and Hinduism.  I can’t be nourished by the old paradigm version of either one.


Interpretation by Sufi teacher Habiba Ashki.
 This is an amazing dream:
There is a gift waiting for you that is from your ancestral lineage.  You will receive it when you are willing to stand totally naked before your angels or inner guides.  Nothing can be held back.  This gift will nourish you, your relationship with Sadananda, who will also receive a new level of awakening, and will nourish your spiritual children.  For now it is important to let go of reliance on any spiritual tradition and to totally trust your own inner wisdom.  Let your open heart be your guid


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