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At first we were delighted.
After the biting winds
icy, treacherous streets
Months layered in hats and mittens

We picnicked under leafless trees
Walked barefoot on winter grass
Reveling in warmth and sunshine.
Weeks passed.
Snow melted from high peaks
Clear blue skies assumed a threatening sameness.
Where were our soft spring snows?
Then the fires began,
Consuming forest, homes and lives
And we, like Dust Bowl farmers
Gazing at barren fields
Like Kenyan villagers tending famished cattle
Gaze helplessly at the smoke-hazed horizon
Longing for snow
Praying for the rain.

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I am the fragrance of the unexpected

I am the taste of birdsong

And the sound of flowers

I am always new.

Only in rare moments do you meet me

This freshness

Knowing yourself as a new creation

Only now

Entirely new.


You see the world with fresh eyes

Such a world

 Such love

A world to honour

Not one to use

Or carelessly abuse.




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