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It is Wednesday.

In the cold pre-dawn

I empty the dish rack.

Pots and spoons I washed

Seven hours before

When the week was young.

Glisten with wednesdayness.

It is Wednesday, Woden's day

Full moon of the week

Day of the wild hunter

Master of the runes

Seer of the single eye.

It is Wednesday, Mercredi,

Day of the winged one

Gifting us quicksilver speech,

Sprinkling everyday things

With emerald glitter dust.

It is Wednesday

Heart of the week

The kingly day,

After the sleepy infancy of Sunday

Monday's awkward adolescence

Tuesday's impetuous youth.

It is Wednesday

Apex, turning point,

Before the leaves of the week

Turn Thursday gold

And fall to Friday's rich, moist ground,

Before the lighting of candles

Invites Saturday's repose.

It is Wednesday.

Where does the Sabbath go

During the week?

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