Twelfth Night and the Three Wise Poets

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Twelfth Night and the Three Wise Poets

Twelfth nights of my childhood.

Flash memories.

Gathering round the Christmas tree

Unwrapping small gifts hanging there

And chocolate Santa Claus,'

Singing We Three Kings,

Playing charades.

A night both sweet and bitter

Like Mum's chocolate fudge.

For soon they will be gone

The holly and the mistletoe

Paper chains and tinsel

The tokens of festivity.


And when the last sugar mouse is eaten

The last crumbs of Christmas cake gone

When the Yule log's embers are cold

And the lights boxed in the attic,

It is time to ask,

Like the Magi

Were we brought all that way

For Birth or Death?

And Shelley answers, Die

If thou wouldst be with that which thou dost seek!

Die before you die, cries Rumi.

Resurrection now!

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