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Clear again.
Breeze rustles leaves
A single fluffy cloud above the foothills.


It's a grey day
More like Wales than Boulder.
A robin is singing in the rain.


This warm, breezy evening
The only wildlife I see--
Teenagers with skateboards.


Cloudless Monday morning
Women bikes to work
'Handy Latin Landscaping' truck drives by.


Prickly poppies are blooming
Chickadees feed in ponderosa pines
Man in wheelchair smokes, admiring view.


Cool day after rain
Hummingbird trills
Magpies feed on lawn
Two for joy.


Quiet Friday afternoon
Blond baby in his stroller
Cicadas invite the Sabbath Queen.


Fragrance in the air
Pine cones on the sidewalk
Squirrels chattering in the trees.


The deer is shaggy
Moulting to summer coat.
Avoiding schoolchildren with satchels
And dogs on morning walk
She trots cautiously across the street.

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Clear sunny day
Robin on lawn
Fragrant irises, purple and white.


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